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Hi there, are you an avid health and fitness writer who would love to write articles and have them posted on our blog?  Well, we want to hear from you.

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for showing an interest in writing for our blog and we look forward to working with people from all backgrounds who have a new or interesting topic to write on.  Before you submit any work, please ensure that you read the following guide lines in order to ensure that the articles you send through to us meet our basic requirements.  If the articles do not meet our requirements, they will not be eligible for posting on the blog.

Before you begin, please familiarize yourself with the content of this blog.  This will help you to create content which follows the blog’s style and subject matter.  This blog focuses on health and fitness topics which range from diets and diet plans to fitness and workout regimens to bodybuilding tips and advice.  As you can see from a closer study of the blog, these topics are vast which leaves a lot of sub-topics for you to write about.  You must choose the topic you want to write about, provided in the title, with the rest of the article attached.  Our team will then read through it and see if it is eligible for posting.

Please note: only native or near native English speakers should write and submit articles.  Any articles which have grammatical and spelling errors will be denied immediately.  Please pay close attention to detail in order to ensure that your blog post is of the highest quality.  Once again, please refer to other blog posts on this blog to get an idea of the high editorial standards we hold.

So, you’re already to get started.  What more do you need to know?

How do you choose a topic?

  • All content must be 100% unique and pass copyscape.
  • Any articles submitted to and posted on this blog may not be submitted or posted anywhere else on the internet.
  • We are looking for original content which is unique to this blog.
  • Familiarise yourself with the subject matter of this blog in order to produce a topic which suits the subject matter: health and fitness.
  • Health and fitness topics include, but are not limited to: diets; diet plans; workout plans; bodybuilding; healthy eating etc.
  • Do not repeat topics.
  • Keep it interesting and attention grabbing.
  • If it does not grab our attention, it will not grab the attention of the reader.
  • Write about topics you are knowledgeable on and/or have researched well.
  • All articles must be free from grammatical and spelling errors.

What must the article include?

  • The article must be no less than 1000 words. Anything less than this will be automatically declined.
  • The article must contain short paragraphs which keep the reader’s attention.
  • The article may include lists and bullet points where effective.
  • The article must be clear and concise. Do not repeat the same point over and over again.
  • The article must have a clear flow, which includes heading and sub-headings.
  • The article must include a short summary of the article upon submission.
  • The article may include one link to your own website.
  • The articles must be informative and supported by facts.
  • The article may not include personal advertising.
  • The article may not include pictures taken from the internet without authority being given.
  • Be creative and have fun with the article – we want it to be interesting.

Okay, now send us your topics/ideas using our contact form below (or) email us at “matiss@wikiweightwatcher.com” in order to submit your guest post.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Our team will have a close look at your article to ensure it matches all of our aforementioned requirements.  Please feel free to submit as many articles as you like – we cannot guarantee that all of them will be eligible for posting based on the topic and whether or not it fits the blog, however, we are always happy to review your articles and are always on the lookout for well written content.

How long will it take to have your article posted?

It will take a few working days to proofread the article and ensure that it meets our requirements.  Please note that any article which is not up on the blog within two weeks of submission did not pass our selection stage.  Please do not re-submit the same article as it will be automatically declined.

We will not pay you for these articles, however we have hundreds of new viewers on a weekly basis and this site is the ideal place to get your article seen and have your voice heard.  We look forward to hearing from you.