Why Testosterone Is Important For Men


We have been getting a lot of emails and questions about testosterone and why it is so important.  Most men do not understand why they can’t lose weight or gain muscle or have low energy.  They think that their diet isn’t right or they need to eat more protein, or they need anti-depressants, but to the contrary, most men do not need any of these things, what they really need is more testosterone in their lives.

The main reason why most men suffer from low testosterone levels is due to all of the chemicals in our processed food.  What most people don’t realize is all of the chemicals in processed foods cause estrogen levels to rise in men, and this causes a decrease in testosterone levels and over time this can cause low-t symptoms.

The first thing than men need to realize is that their low testosterone is the problem.  This needs to be fixed, as well as their diets.  Yes, changing your diet to a more raw/whole food based diet can increase natural testosterone, but it won’t increase it enough to make dramatic changes in your life unless you do some kind of hormone based therapy.

The best form of testosterone therapy we believe in is all natural hormone stimulation, and not synthetic replacement.  The best testosterone supplements are made from all natural ingredients, like D-Aspartic Acid, horny goad weed, and others.

A lot of people ask us why we don’t recommend synthetic hormone replacement such as testosterone enanthate or other steroids, and the reason is simple.  By taking synthetic chemicals you are adding something that isn’t natural into your body, and this can cause a nasty string of side effects including man boobs, acne, anger and aggression, water retention, and more.  The body tries to fight it off because it treats it like a foreign substance, and it simply isn’t fun.  Anyone that has tried actual testosterone will tell you of these side effects, not including injection site pain, which can really be bad.

Overall, men can do a lot to increase their own testosterone production, and it can change their lives, guaranteed!