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Weight watchers is an incredibly popular, and successful, weight-loss program which is guaranteed to have the dieter drop pounds in an easy to follow way.

The main focus of weight watchers is to get the dieter to eat in moderation while allowing them the freedom to use their points on anything they choose.

Each dieter is given a specific number of weight watchers points which is unique to them and their lifestyle and every food is allocated a certain number of points, for example: one egg is a measly 2 points while a beer is 5 points.  Therefore, the dieter will use up more of their points if they choose the beer which will leave them with fewer points for the rest of the day.

The weight watchers points calculator will determine the total number of points an individual can consume in one day.  This is based on the individual’s daily activity levels and calorie requirements, which range from very light to active.

Actively levels:

  • Very light: An individual is considered to fall into the ‘very light’ activity bracket if they work a sedentary job and spend most of their day sitting down with only short periods of standing and walking.  This individual also does not participate in activities in their leisure time and only spend a little bit of time completing light housework.

Individuals who fall into this category will receive a low number of weight watchers points because they do not expend a lot of energy in a day and do not require a lot of calories in order to maintain their weight and even fewer to lose weight.

  • Light: An individual who is considered to fall into the ‘light’ activity bracket is one who works a sedentary job but spends a little bit more time on gardening and housework.

The calorie requirement will begin the increase in ‘lightly’ active individuals because they burn more calories in the average day than a ‘very lightly’ active individual.  They will need to eat more to maintain their current weight and, therefore, can eat more than a ‘very lightly’ active person in order to lose weight.

  • Moderate: Individuals who fall into this bracket tend to have a slightly active job where they spend a fair amount of their time walking and standing, for example: a teacher.  They also engage in exercise during their leisure time which includes swimming and dancing.

The calorie requirements of ‘moderately’ active individuals increases greatly from ‘very lightly’ active individuals.  The extra exercise and their job causes them to burn more calories in a day.

  • Active: Active individuals are people who have a job which requires them to be on their feet and moving for almost all of the day. These individuals also participate in a lot of exercise in their leisure time.

These individuals burn the most calories in a day than any other person because they are constantly active.  It is important that these individuals consume enough calories to complete their everyday tasks without burning out.  Active individuals will be able to consume far more calories than a very lightly active individual and still be able to lose weight.

If you burn off more calories than you consume in a day, then you are guaranteed to lose weight.  Everyone’s daily calorie requirement differs and this is taken into consideration in the weight watchers points calculator through the activity level input.

The weight watchers points calculator is so successful because it works with the individuals requirements, needs, and weight-loss goals.  Many diets fail because they use the “one-size-fits-all” approach to weight-loss which gives everyone a blanket number of calories to eat.  This can have the opposite effect and cause people to gain fat.

For example, if an active person were to eat in a calorie-deficit suitable for a very lightly active person, then the body is likely to slow the metabolism and this will result in the body holding onto unwanted fat (or stubborn fat) because it does not think it will receive enough energy to complete daily tasks through food consumption.

The dieter will be able to select their lifestyle activity level in order to determine the weight watchers points for their individual goal.  This will also allow the dieter to adjust the weight watchers points if they plateau or if their goal changes.  The weight watchers points calculator puts the dieter in control, which is rarely seen in other diets.

The weight watchers points calculator calculates the points based on the individual’s input.  It is based on gender, current weight, height, age, activity level, and goal weight.  This creates a personal point number which is unique and tailored to the individual’s body type and goals.

Daily calorie requirements differ greatly from person to person, and from men to women, which is why the weight watchers points vary too; what works for one person probably won’t work for the next person.

The weight watchers points calculator allows the dieter to determine their daily point allowance.  The points do not carry over into the next day and they cannot be saved and transferred.  Once the day is over, any remaining points become obsolete and the dieter will begin with their set number of points the following day.

As you lose weight, the body learns to adapt to the reduction in calories which will result in a plateau.  A weight-loss plateau is the time when you stop losing weight and begin to maintain a weight.

It is at this stage that the dieter must determine their next course of action.  If the dieter is satisfied that they have hit their target weight, then they can slowly begin to increase their daily point allowance in order to hit the daily calorie recommendations for maintaining their weight.  If the dieter wished to lose more weight, they can simply input their new information into to weight watchers points calculator and re-calculate the points in order to lower their points and keep losing weight.

Weight watchers points are based on the ‘calories-in vs calories-out’ method of eight-loss, which is the only weight-loss method whichhas been proven to actually work.  This means that if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

The weight watchers points calculator makes calorie counting so much simpler and easier.  The reduction of calories into a smaller number of points makes it easier and simpler for people to follow in their everyday lives.  This, in turn, creates a calorie deficit required for successful weight-loss.

The weight watchers diet also surpasses calorie counting because healthy foods, which may contain the same number of calories as an unhealthy food, are allocated fewer points due to their nutritional benefits.  This encourages people to eat healthy food instead of unhealthy food.

While the dieter can ultimately decide what to spend their points on, the weight watchers team encourages people to fill up on healthy food.  This is evident in the fact that an apple is 0 points while a pizza is 8-14 points (depending on the toppings).  Therefore, people can eat a lot more if they choose the healthy options and a lot less if they choose the unhealthy options.

All weight watchers dieters are allocated 49 free points a week, which they can spend all at once or slowly throughout the week.  This also encourages people to make healthy choices with their daily point allocation and use the free points for unhealthy indulgences.  It has been proven that people who are allowed to have their favourite foods in moderation are more likely to stick with their diet – thus making weight watchers so successful.

The main reason people fail in their diets is because they are never allowed to have their favourite foods, which creates a mental craving for these foods, which causes the individual to break their diet and feel like a failure.  Weight watchers is here to try and break this cycle of yo-yo dieting.

The minimum number of points allocated by the weight watchers points calculator is 26 points and the maximum number of points is 71, which is dependent on all of the variants from person to person.

Once you have your daily point allocation, it is time to determine the points of each food.  This will enable you to determine where you want to place your points.  You can either purchase weight watchers food items which are available in numerous stores around the world, or you can purchase their point guide.

It is important to remember that the weight watchers team is relying on you to make the right food choices.  There are no food restrictions, only points.  Make sure that your diet mainly consists of lean meat, chicken and turkey, fresh fruits and vegetables, with little processed food, and low fat dairy and you can complete the weight watchers diet for free from the comfort of your own home.

Tip: It definitely helps to have a friend do the diet with you so that you can hold each other accountable and make sure that you stay on track!

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