Contour Abs Belt: Our Comprehensive Review


Contour Abs Belt

Everyone dreams of a toned and taut mid-section for summer – or winter for that matter – but who has the time to spend hours and hours at the gym to achieve it? I’ve tried for years to master the right diet/workout regime that will reveal that holy grail of ab definition. One thing is for sure, it ain’t easy and many people will never achieve it – at least, not naturally. Thankfully for all of us mid-sectionally challenged people, there are some products that can speed up the process and ease the transition from angst to washboard.

One product we’ve been hearing a lot about recently is the Contour Abs belt. This electronic belt exercises your ab muscles with intensive results and minimal effort – two things I love to hear. We’ve put together everything we could find on the ab belt below for you…

Contour Ab Belt: The Technology Behind It

Contour Abs BeltThe Contour Abs belt uses Electromuscle Stimulation (EMS) technology which sends safe and small electrical impulses to trigger a reaction in your muscle nerves causing a toning effect.

The medical grade electrodes attach on the surface of the skin (via the belt) and get 150 contractions in every session.

The FDA has officially approved the Contour Ab belt for the purpose of strengthening, toning and recovering healthy muscles in a safe and dependable way. Hospitals and and health clubs across the USA use this same technology (electromuscle stimulation) to treat sports injuries and spas use it for toning their clients.

The EMS technology recruits more fibers in a belt session than in any other muscle group. The brain can only round up 40-50% of the muscle fibers because it has a “limiting switch” that reserves some muscles for emergencies. The Contour Abs belt effectively tricks your brain into flexing and working more muscles without the psychological fatigue of exercise.

Contour Abs Belt: Customers Reveal All

Contour Abs has a varied customer base from injured athletes looking to regain strength to those merely looking to a break through a weight loss plateau. We’ve gathered some of the stories from previous customers here for you to look over and see if any of these resonate.

As you can see from my before photos – my fat is concentrated in my belly area. I’ve tried a different system that used this type of technology but it was basically a big waste of money. The Contour System is so easy to use and I love that I can throw it on and do other activities like – getting ready for the day (applying make-up or doing my hair), cooking dinner, working on the computer… it makes me feel like I’m using my time wisely! – 

I suffered a severe herniated disk, just days before my 32nd birthday. I was unable to walk for the first few days, and then had to use a walker for weeks afterwards. My once fit body, already a bit on the decline since my knee injury, had become less and less the athlete body I was used to. Using the Contour Ab belt, in combination with my great chiropractic care, allowed me to be up and moving around in about a month, and in great shape by the time my wedding rolled around! –

Contour BeltI purchased the Contour just before the New Year and already I have seen great results I couldn’t really get on my own at the gym. With the proper diet and exercise and incorporating Contour, the possibilities are endless. I got fantastic results in a quick amount of time because you’re working muscles that you typically can’t get to when doing a regular crunch or sit-up. I was skeptical at first, but as I continued using it I was completely impressed and more satisfied.Jeff


Contour Abs Belt: Inside The Box

Contour Core Sculpting SystemInside the Contour Abs belt box you get the core belt (of course), the M2 Electronic Muscle Stimulator, batteries, electrodes, special travel clutch and a full instructional DVD.

When you buy the Ab belt from the official store you will also receive a detailed care manual to ensure your Ab belt stays in tip top condition along with a 1 year warranty.

To accelerate your weight loss results, Contour also sends you a comprehensive diet and exercise guide to keep you on track and achieving optimum results. For the computer addicts (like myself) you will also get a free membership to their online Contour Fitness plan for instant access wherever you are in the world.

On top of all these extra inclusions, the team at Contour also offer a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee on the product for your peace of mind.

Contour Abs: Sophie’s Verdict

As far as abs go, the less work is the better in my eyes. The Contour Abs belt engages more muscles than your average set of crunches with less effort and no lying around on the ground. You can slip the belt under your clothes and head about your day while getting an intense workout without any physiological fatigue. That is a win in my books.