Ultimate Guide: Our Nervous System. What Affects It And How To Keep It Healthy


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Many of us know how to take care of our body in general. We exercise, we drink plenty of water and eat our veggies daily. But our body is not only made up of flesh and bones, but we also have many structures and systems that are working inside us and sometimes we may not even notice how much we need them.

Nervous system in plain English

It is a complex network of nerves that are in charge of carrying messages from the brain to the rest of the body and vice versa, from what our senses catch to the brain. It includes our central nervous system and our peripheral nervous system.

Central and Peripheral Nervous System

The central system is divided into the brain and the spinal cord. The brain is safely contained and protected inside the skull, and the spinal cord also has some protection from the vertebral canal of the spine. The rest of the nerves of the body are then included in the peripheral nervous system.

Our body collects stimuli from the surroundings and transforms it into electrical signals that are sent to the brain so that it is transformed into some images. Visual, auditory olfactory, etc., all senses are involved in sending electrical codes to the brain to interpret reality. These electrical signals can be measured through and EEG to determine what parts of the brain are more or less active during different tasks.

Keeping the nervous system healthy

The first thing to keep in mind is to forget about using alcohol or drugs because they cut communication between your central and peripheral nervous system. This is the reason why you might feel relaxed and without pain when taking some of these. But the same happens in the opposite direction; drugs and alcohol prevent your brain from communicating properly with the rest of the body: walking is more difficult; talking is also a challenge, and if the person is affected, then breathing can also be difficult under the effects of certain drugs.

Quit smoking

This is one of the most common ways of poisoning yourself. Smoking is bad for your nervous system in various ways, nicotine, for example, is a stimulant of the whole system and it is highly addictive. Vapers that use the best e-liquid are still a better option, but it must be utilized only during you quit smoking. Getting used to e-cigarettes is also dangerous as their vaporizers use nicotine in their liquids. Smoking also affects your sense of smell and taste and therefore the way your peripheral nervous system sends its electric signals to the brain.

Another important aspect to keep your nervous system fit and healthy is to consume a great variety of foods. There are plenty of minerals and amino acids our body needs for its correct functioning and processes. The brain also needs a source of good fats, such as the ones included in nuts and fish, these fats help build new connections between the neurons which may lead to better learning abilities and memory.

Dehydration is also a big threat for the brain, people who are dehydrated often show to be confused, and with severe memory problems, the good news is that drinking plenty of water and fluids can easily keep you away from this. Exercise cannot be out of the list since it helps to get more oxygen to the brain since it forces blood to be constantly flowing and taking fresh air from the lungs into the brain.

Take care of your senses

Another way of having and maintaining a healthy central and peripheral nervous system is by taking care of your senses. Use safety goggles and sunglasses, protect your ears from loud sounds, and avoid unnecessary risks. Anything that can put your body in danger is also endangering your nervous system

You can also turn to medicinal plants or home remedies to strengthen your nervous system, Ginkgo Biloba has been famous for its energy boosting properties and taking some sunlight every day can also help since it regulates the nervous system. There are also some water therapies available to those who like to try something different. The idea is to find what suit the best for you!