Special K Diet Plan


For last few months there has been a cereal company promoting their own diet plan. Kellogg’s, yes, you read it right? The famous cereal company has produced a diet which will help their consumers losing weight with the special K diet plan. It had lasted years since the special K diet plan was created. The promotion of this plan is called the “Special K Diet Challenge”. Therefore, consumers will have the change to lose weight while creating their personalized diet plan.

Kellogg’s claims that through the result of scientific studies, conducted at leading universities, 3 out of 4 dieters lost six pounds in a matter over two weeks.

Primarily, a participant needs to accomplish the plan itself. You will have the option to choose your meal, by planning it according to the foods allowed by the special K diet.

The basic of the special k diet plan is to eat two serves of special K cereals a day and ½ cup low fat milk for breakfast and lunch or dinner. A nutritionally balanced low fat meal should be the third meal. Snacks may include fruits, vegetables and or a Special K bar.  Alcohols are restricted. Water and diluted fruits are recommended.

To get started, you need to visit the special k website and you’ll find four different special K challenge plan. The four plans are the Classic, Mix it up, On the go and Chocolate lover’s plan. After choosing the plan you desired, you’ll then give a starting date for the plan.  Once you have chosen, you’re meal will be automatically laid out for the entire 2 weeks of the Special K diet. You’ll also have the chance to customize the meal plan according to preference.

Classic Plan – This plan is designed for people who love essentials and the classic.

Mix it up – Designed for people who loves to try new things; people who love foods and its varieties.

On the go – The plan that works for the busy person.

Chocolate lovers – The plan that lets you taste the sweetest food in the planet: chocolates!

The good thing about special K diet plans is there will be no calorie counting needed like most of the other diet plans do. Though there is no calorie count, you’ll be amazed that you’re actually cutting down to 27% calorie intake a day. It is also healthier for people to eat cereals for breakfast rather than eat eggs or nothing. Thus, it is simple and easy to follow. The downside, however, is it lacks variety of food to choose.

If you think of it, the Special K diet plan is a Kellogg’s marketing strategy for consumers to buy their products. Since the diet plan has proven to be effective, guess Kellogg’s strategy went very effective.