Natural Energy Boosting Foods


Like other members of the animal kingdom, we eat food to supply our body with the nutrients it requires to operate properly and to give it fuel for energy. But today so much of our food has been modified and processed and formulated in such a way that our body does not always get what it needs for good energy.

In order to master how to eat in order have energy, we have to comprehend some things about food. We need to take a look at the various kinds of food and how they impact our bodies. There is more to it than merely eating foods that deliver energy.

When you look at it that simply, you could say that a candy bar will give you energy. This is partially true, but any benefit it may give you is undone when you have that sugar crash. At first you may feel a boost of energy but when it comes from basic carbohydrates, in particular sugar, it doesn’t last long and presents your body very little in terms of nutrition, which is what is desired in good energy boosting foods.

There are lots of snack foods on the market that lay claim to be energy foods, too. Some of these may possibly be science based, but usually most of them consist of sugar and other products that are not natural. Energy drinks include large amounts of caffeine and sugar and other chemicals that are not healthy and balanced.

But don’t worry, because Mother Nature has made a good deal of whole, natural energy enhancing foods that you can snack on. Every one of them is loaded full of nutrients that will support your body to function well on all degrees, apart from just having more get-up-and-go. And most of them are as practical as a power bar.

Whole Grains – Complex carbohydrates will give you all the energy of simple sugars, but without the crash with additional benefits. They consist of fiber that is great for digestion and allows you to feel full longer. They also consist of metabolism boosting vitamin B, which will make contributions to that sense of energy, too.

Pick bread and pasta made from whole grains. Better yet, eat the grain alone, such as brown rice, quinoa, couscous and oatmeal. You can incorporate them in a salad or yogurt of make them the platform of a meal.

Fruit – There is no greater fast food than a piece of fruit. Most types of fruit you can just wash and eat, and they are jam packed (no pun intended) with vitamins, minerals and fiber, all of which assist your body to work properly, making an active lifestyle more achievable.

Bananas a high in potassium and vitamins C and B6, providing you nutrients that help to maintain your blood flowing properly, delivering energy giving oxygen. Apples, melons, berries, each fruit has a special profile of nutrients that make contributions to health and well being and give a vitamin packed punch to your day.

Iron rich foods – When our iron levels are low, so is our energy level. Eating foods that are high in iron can assist you to feel livelier. Picking green leafy vegetables will also give you the benefit of vitamin C and antioxidants, which will add to your general health and well being.

Some good iron rich foods consist of broccoli, spinach, kale and other dark, leafy greens. These can be integrated into your diet with pasta, soups, smoothies and juice. They are great eaten either raw or cooked and are easy to get used to if you don’t usually eat them. In fact a lot of people quickly become great fans of leafy greens.

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Other great sources of iron are more along the lines of dinner, but eating beef, liver, chicken, shellfish and other seafood will also give energy.

Protein – Protein is a food that can continue to keep you going for a longer time. They will give you a long lasting sense of satisfaction, meaning you don’t have those troublesome hunger pains that stop you from doing what you need to do and put you back in the kitchen. As the building block of muscle, protein will help you in your attempts to stay fit and keep moving.

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Energy boosting foods that are high in protein content involve lean meats, fish, nuts, eggs and low fat dairy products. Be very careful with proteins because they are in some cases also fatty, but if you select lean cuts of meat you will get the benefits of the protein without also having to work off the additional calories from the fat.

Mother Nature has the answer to our energy requirements. We don’t have to take a drug or drink power drinks all day. Alternatively, deciding on healthy foods that are part of a balanced diet is the ideal way to feel great and have what it takes to be your best during the day.


Author Bio: Katie Smith is the enthusiastic woman. She loves writing about health and lifestyle on Reviewmoon