Diet Plans For Men


As far as weight management is concerned, one can really say that men came from Mars and women came from Venus.  One big difference is, it is easier for men to lose weight because they don’t really have to extensively lower their calorie intake since, generally, they have more muscles than women. Besides, men doesn’t have to lose as much as women because women wants to be skinny in general while men just want to be fit and healthy.

If you want to lose a few pounds or more, look for the type of diet with a lose weight rate of about two pounds per week. When looking through a list of diet plans for men.  When you choose a diet with a slow and steady approach, it will help in improving your exercise and eating habits without making you feel deprived of food and taking off the important nutrients of your body needs.

The caloric intake of men, who are in a weight-loss diet, should depend on their activity level and age.  For example, men with average stature and not older than 30 need to consume 2,400-3,000 calories a day.  A lower range for men, who are sedentary or with an inactive lifestyle. A much higher range for those, who have rigorous exercise routines of at least 1 hour per day.  If you aim to lose at least four pounds in the next 4 weeks, lessen another 500 calories from your recommended calorie intake.

As far as success stories go, the Harvard School of Public health recommends the Mediterranean diet for overweight individuals amongst other diet plans for men available.  The flexible, healthy, and filling program of a Mediterranean diet is somehow a lot easier for men to adhere too.  This type of diet contains ample servings of fresh fiber-filled produce and leafy green salads as well, plus several servings of unsweetened whole grain, grilled/steamed fish, skinless poultry, and legumes every day. You are also allowed to drink 1-2 servings of red wine during dinner.  Don’t even ask if you can substitute wine with beer or other types of alcohol because the answer is no.  When eating out in a restaurant, always watch the amount of what you eat.  If they have big servings, only eat half and have the other half packed for your meal the next day.  Always go with fresh foods because they are low in calorie. Furthermore, avoid those foods that are high in fat as well as sugar packaged foods.  A regular exercise every day would highly support your weight loss diet too. Since sweating means that you are burning unwanted fats.

If you decide to ignore all the other diet plans for men and go with the Mediterranean diet, make sure that you consult your physician first, as well as a registered dietitian in order to come up with a well-planned Mediterranean meal.