D Aspartic Acid – The Amino Acid that Boosts Testosterone Level


If you are in the bodybuilding world or maintaining an ideal physique is something that interests you, then you might already have background knowledge about D Aspartic Acid or, if not, you might have at least heard it somewhere. There are a few things that we need to know about D Aspartic Acid. Let us reveal its benefits and side effects as we go over this article. But before that, let us know more about D Aspartic Acid first.

What is D Aspartic Acid?

Did you know that amino acids play a crucial part in our body? It has multiple essential functions in our organ systems. In addition, medical studies show that amino acids give structure to our cells. Not only that, because amino acids composed a great quantity of our muscles and tissues.

D Aspartic Acid is also known as D-AA. It is a form of amino acid. Actually, there are two forms of amino acids and L Aspartate is the other. D Aspartic Acid is a best supplement for men who have lower amount of sex hormones and for athletes who aim to boost their T levels. This supplement targets the brain’s central portion where certain hormones are being supplied. Aside from the central region of the brain, D Aspartic Acid also aims at the testicles to increase the amount of testosterone. However, the effectiveness of this supplement lasts only for 1-1 ½ week then the testosterone level will eventually get back to normal. This case is for the healthy men who take D Aspartic Acid to boost their T levels.

In this article, let’s focus more on D Aspartic Acid rather than the other form of amino acid. There are several benefits of D Aspartic Acid. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of this supplement. 

Benefits of D Aspartic Acid

D Aspartic Acid has been widely regulated in the market nowadays due to its amazing results when taken as supplements. Mostly, bodybuilders and athletes patronize this supplement rather than the other testosterone boosters.

For men who have depleted amount of testosterone, taking D Aspartic Acid would be the best alternative to increase T level. This claim has been medically proven by several scientific studies who conducted thorough experiments.

This supplement can greatly help in building muscle and maintaining an ideal muscle mass. It is very challenging for an individual to build muscle and to maintain it solid and in definite amount. Good thing that D Aspartic Acid is available! However, it is necessary that taking D Aspartic Acid will be supported with proper diet and effective workout regime.

Side Effects of D Aspartic Acid

Just like the other supplements, D Aspartic Acid (D-AA) has also its down sides. Most of the reported side effects of D Aspartic Acid include nuisance, emotional irritability (mood swings), and overgrowth of acne. Nuisance or headache is quite difficult because it will hinder us to perform our daily tasks conveniently; mood swings will affect our social relationship with the people around us; and overgrowth of acne will lower our self-esteem. See? These unwanted results of taking D Aspartic Acid are not to be taken lightly because it will literally affect the way we live our life.

These negative results occur when there is no proper consumption of this supplement. Although the side effects are not really serious, it is still very important to avoid undesirable effects of taking D Aspartic Acid by following its proper dosage. Consult a health care provider or a health enthusiast who has great knowledge with this supplement to ensure you’re taking it right.

Proper Dosage of D Aspartic Acid

I know you have been thinking about the proper dosage of D Aspartic Acid as you have reached this part. Well, we won’t disappoint you with that! Pay attention to the details below.

D Aspartic Acid is advised to be taken every day. 2,000 mg – 3,000 mg is the recommended dosage for best results. If you prefer the 3,000 mg dose a day, you may take this supplement for 12 days straight then stop for a week after the 12th day. On the other hand, if you choose 2,000 mg per day, you may take it continuously. However, there is still a need to consult your doctor or ask a fitness expert regarding the proper intake of D Aspartic Acid because some studies suggest that taking this supplement should be cycled just like the other testosterone boosters. 


D Aspartic Acid can be a great amino Acid supplement and a testosterone booster at the same time. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone, isn’t it?

At present, medical experts are still digging on the benefits of D Aspartic Acid that has not been discovered yet. There will be more information to add and various benefits to be revealed in the future findings. As for now, we are lucky enough to know that D Aspartic Acid has many ways to help us especially in supplementing our body with essential amino acids and in boosting testosterone level.