Calorie blasting cardio workout to stay in shape


Getting the idea to workout has probably happened to you at least once in your life. Everyone thinks about getting in shape, but not everyone has what it takes to start working and pushing your boundaries far more than they should be pushed. But this is the only way; you can’t have a dream body without hard work and sweat. If you want to lose weight and improve your stamina – doing cardio is what most people recommend.
We aren’t going to go too deep into the whole cardio thing, but we’ll cover just enough for you to understand and start following. You should know by now that most of these workouts aren’t difficult and are instead kind of tedious since there’s not a lot to do while you’re working out. However, you could watch a movie if you plan on working out at home! Another great idea is to contact a friend that would like to work out so you can workout together.

One last tip before we start is that there’s an amazing herb which can boost your energy and improve your mood. It’s called Kratom, and you can make Kratom tea which, admittedly isn’t tasty, will cause you to achieve even better results when exercising.

Here are a couple of calorie-blasting cardio workouts to stay in shape!
Cardio workout blasts calories and tones the body quickly
Cardio is the go-2 choice of athletes around the world when it comes to choosing the perfect exercise. The reason behind their choice is that cardio does a lot of positive things to your body. For starters, cardio is great for stamina. How many times did you run to catch a bus and were left without breath? Humans are long-distance runners, meaning that we can run for much longer than any other animal, but we can’t run as fast. Getting tired after a couple of hundred meters of running is a sign that you don’t have great stamina and fatigue sets in quickly.
Alleviate this by doing cardio workouts which also blast calories and tone the body. There’s no better way to make your body look the way you want it to than by doing cardio!

Walking [300-400 calories/hour]
Even though most people think that walking doesn’t do much for your body, you’d be surprised by just how much it actually does! Walking is more effective at burning calories than some other exercises. Of course, you walk every day to work, school, or any other location. You even walk around your own home. It doesn’t burn a lot of calories, but it’s still effective at keeping you in shape.
Running stairs [1000 calories/hour]
Now we’re talking! Running up and down the stairs for extended periods of time can be exhausting, but necessary. You can get tired of this in 5-10 minutes if you generally don’t follow any workout routines or if you don’t exercise at all. Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning; your body will need some getting used to.

Kettlebells [800-900 calories/hour]
Kettlebells are an interesting exercise that seems simple when you look people do it, is a bit more complicated than at first glance, and does wonder for your body. You can buy kettlebells and work out with them at home, or you can visit your local gym and do some rounds there. Either way, they burn a whopping 900 calories per hour which will get you to your desired weight in no time.
Jumping rope [600 calories/hour]
Most women today loved playing with a jumping rope when they were kids. There’s simply something interesting about the way it works and how much training is necessary if you plan on being good at it. The jumping rope has been around for a long time and reasonably so. It’s easy to do and easy to learn, but it can prove difficult to master. It can burn an okay 600 calories/hour, but if you work extra hard, you might increase that number by about 100.
Cycling [600 calories/hour]
Cycling is great if you’re doing it outdoors. Enjoying the sights and the fresh air are just some of the benefits that cycling brings. Of course, it also helps you get in shape and achieve that perfect weight and look, but simply having something to do other than just working out is reason enough for you to pick up a bike and go cycling. Burning 600 calories each hour isn’t too shabby either!
10-minute jump around cardio workout
The jump around a cardio workout is a relatively new exercise, or in other words, has just become popular. It’s not difficult to do, and you’ll only need around 10 minutes to complete it. Check out the information available online to see what other exercises can you pair with this one to achieve the best results!


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