1200 Calorie Diet Plan


1200 calorie diet plan is recommended for dieters who are aspiring to lose weight but do not want to give up their nutritional intake. Since the 1200 calorie diet plan presents wide array of menu for dieters to choose from, the rate of its success to dieters has always been very high.

The difference of the 1200 calorie diet plan to any other diet plans available is that it does not promise a severe weight loss. It is only expected from the serious dieters to lose about 5 pounds in a week, as long as they follow the guidelines and the Doctors advice. It is then a must for dieters to be consistent with the diet plan.

How it works?

Under the low calorie diet plan, the dieter’s body burns fat which is stored in the body that is supposed to be a source of energy. Because of this low calorie diet, this source of energy is being rid of thereby decreasing the body’s weight gradually.


Physicians recommend the dieters to have regular exercises even if this kind of diet controls the quantity of calorie intake. Exercises will increase your metabolism as a dieter, this is the main reason why doctors never forget to mention that you should do your daily exercises. On the other hand, make sure that you only do moderate or light work out since diet plan such as 1200 calorie diet plan do not supply you with much energy to do exercises such as weight lifting, and vigorous running. If you insist on doing these kinds of exercises, your diet plan will be useless due to either rapid hunger and increase in appetite or extreme hypoglycemia which will only result to having to eat more to decrease nausea and weakness.

Remember that just like any other diet formula, this low calorie diet plan has some disadvantages. One con is body weakness. Nutritional deficiency may also be present after a few weeks. Dieters may also suffer from confusion and ketoacidoses which is often the cause of abnormal increase in acid in the body which can be very fatal.