The best HCG diet


Weight loss is one of the most popular goals because everybody is trying to stay healthy fit. Weight gain has been linked to many health risks. Weight gain will affect your heart and cardiovascular hearth. When you have a lot of fat around your internal organs or deposited on the walls of your arteries and veins you will probably face a lot of problems. The extra fats in your body will affect your movement and will make you unable to exercise. The problem is that people who are struggling with weight gain will get caught up in a vicious circle that they can’t leave because the weight gain prevents them from exercising and moving which is the best way to stay in shape so they just keep on gaining weight and can be subject to anxiety and depression.

The best diet plan:

The HCG diet is one of the most popular diet plans available because it is fast, reliable and promises real and permanent results. This diet is one of the best diet plans available for a lot of reasons:

  1. It is developed by specialists:

This diet plan has been developed by Dr. Simeons, a reputable nutritionist who knew about all the secrets of losing weight fast and in a reliable way.

  1. You will have steady weight loss:

Some people opt for starvation diets or diets that promise a rapid weight loss. These are crash diets that will starve the body and will have an adverse effect on the long run. The body tends to get protective over the fats stored and will stop burning fats. And this means that once you start eating normally, the body will store everything you eat. In some cases your body will start burning muscles instead of fats and this leads to an unhealthy weight loss by losing muscles mass and not weight from the fats stored.

  1. Bad diets will have a bad effect on the body:

These bad diets will not supplement your body with the necessary nutrients. This means that on the long run you might lose weight but your body will get weaker. You will feel tired and sleepy all the time because your body lacks the necessary nutrients.

The HCG diet:

This diet plan was developed by a world acclaimed endocrinologist who spent years studying the nature of obesity and weight loss. He later introduced a diet model that is called the HCG VLCD, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin very low calorie diet. The diet plan was based on the mechanism the body uses to lose and burn fats with the combined effects of reducing the calories intake and the hormones that are naturally present in the body. He found out that this diet plan is very effective and doesn’t cause any adverse effects on the body.

The idea of the diet is based on the mechanism that the body of pregnant women uses when the mother doesn’t have the ability to eat properly and the body starts using the hormones in the body to break the stored fats in the body. The hormones will make sure that the fetus is getting the best nutrition and will not face any health problems. This means that these hormones will make sure that the baby’s body is getting the necessary energy and nutrients saved and utilized from the mother’s body.

What are the stages of the HCG diet?

Basically this diet is divided into 4 stages.

Phase 1: Loading:

This stage involves stuffing your body for a couple of days before starting your weight loss journey. You need to make sure that your body is packed with fatty energy producing foods that will help you face the decrease in nutrients that will follow. You will start taking your HCG oral drops but you will also make sure that you are eating everything that you can eat or you will not be able to handle the hunger in the next diet stages.

Phase 2: VLCD:

This phase will last anything between 15 to 40 days and this is where the magic will start to happen. This is done by simply following a 500 calories diet per day where the average male will need 2500 calories and the female will need 2000 calories. This means that these extra calories will come from the stored fats in your body as your body will start to burn them in order to get the needed amount of energy needed. In this case taking the HCG drops is extremely important because they will ensure that you are burning fats and not muscles. This is what happens when you don’t take these amazing drops that will help you break the stored fats in your body. You will also feel so much fuller with the HCG drops that will help you stay committed to the diet plan. For better results, we suggest you to use HCG Complex.

Phase 3: Stabilization:

By this stage and thanks to the HCG drops you have probably lost a significant amount of weight but your journey is not over yet. If you just start eating normally you might gain all the weight you lost so you need to make sure that you are following the instructions. You will basically stop taking your drops and will stick to new kinds of vegetables, fruits and proteins that were previously forbidden, making sure that you don’t cross the 500 calories limit.

Phase 4: Maintenance:

This is where you start to gradually increasing your calories intake until you reach 1500 calories per day. You can slowly start adding sugars and starch to your diet as you have deprived yourself from them all through the diet plan. You will not take your drops because they have finished their role but the effects of your weight loss will be permanent.

Following the HCG diet plan with the HCG drops will ensure that you have a reliable weight loss plan that will provide permanent results. You will not gain the weight you lose and you will stay in great shape.

Warning: We suggest you to research well and purchase the best hcg drops and please be aware of HCG Scams online. This article will help you regarding how to spot hcg scams online.