Affiliate Disclosure – Clients’ Feedbacks


We are greatly concern about your safety and protection. Thus, we provide this compensation disclosure which reveals everything about our website. The operation of is guided by the FTC. It requires the owner to apprise everyone that everything that is seen in this website including the product reviews, recommendations, promotions, and other services are all related to

Our website,, strives hard to maintain a safe and convenient monetization or transaction through our connections with different organizations. To put it into simpler words, the products or services that we recommend or promote here in our website will give us commission once a purchase is made in our platform. So basically, we don’t really own everything that you see in because in most cases, we are just promoting the products or services of our affiliate brokers. In addition, we only allow affiliation with credible and legit brokers to secure the reputation of our website and to protect the consumers who trust

People from different walks of life visit our website for the same purpose and that is to gain knowledge about a certain service or product that they are interested to purchase. Nowadays, the internet has become a wide area where honesty and integrity are very rare to be found. Fortunately, there are still very few organizations or websites that value these good qualities despite the overflowing tricksters elsewhere! I’m proud to say that is one of these very few websites which remain transparent and sincere to every individual. We are not perfectly good but we are trying our best to maintain our website open and trustworthy.

The words stated here are all based on my personal outlook which has nothing to do with the viewpoints of any of our affiliate brokers. The products and services that we promote and recommend in are only those we have personally tested and proven to ensure the credibility of our website and the safety of the consumers. More often than not, we make sure that the products and services that we feature are reliable, safe, and effective to use.

Third Party and Sponsor Ads

For the benefit of the doubt, we would like to clarify that the photos and texts which you see in have nothing to do with our website. These are provided by sponsor ads like Google Adsense or third party ad agencies. These advertisements appear out of our personal desire and these are owned by companies which are not actually affiliated to

We provide this affiliate disclosure to inform you and to protect you from any unauthorized organizations which are not personally connected to us. We encourage you to contact us if there is anything that bothers or confuses you regarding any affiliation on this website. You have the right to know every detail that triggers your curiosity especially if it has something to do with affiliations of Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything that you want to ask or clarify. We will surely respond as best as we could. Thank you!