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Hi, this is Matiss Stein, a 21 years old fitness enthusiast and I am always looking for new ways to improve my body.


I wasn’t always like this. A long time ago I used to spend hours reading comics, playing computer games and surfing the internet on a daily basis. Although I played football and trained karate, I wasn’t pleased with my body. All of my friends were bigger and stronger than me, even those who didn’t play sports. I knew that I needed some change. I needed that looks that would make me appear strong and powerful. I needed that body that would make a girl stop in her tracks to check me out. I needed to do something new and existing, something that would give me visible results. I needed to build my muscles. When I started secondary school, no one ever mentioned the sport of bodybuilding. I haven’t met anyone who was practicing it, so I started to think that I am different from others. I wanted to train and lift weights. I had it do it all alone, without anyone’s advice or help. When I started, I bought the posters of
bodybuilders for my room, so they could inspire me during my novice workouts. Although I didn’t exactly know how to achieve my goals and improve my body, I spent a lot of time lifting weights and exercising. I was dedicated to my work. I started to buy Muscle & Fitness magazines. I also started to consume creatine and protein powders. Even today when I enter the gym, I feel like I felt during my first training session. I still have the same dedication and desire to build my body. For me, the gym is something that I simply can’t wait to visit. When I began exercising, I knew that I needed to adapt my diet to my new lifestyle. I started to eat 6 times a day and tried not to eat junk food. My family motivated me to continue my new way of life. Eventually, I started to use testosterone boosters. I needed something that would give me that edge that I needed but wouldn’t harm my body. I wanted something that would give me strength and help me increase the size of my muscles without any side effects. Thanks to testosterone boosters my training sessions produced more results, my body and muscles got bigger and stronger and I also feel that I have become more resistant to fatigue. I have managed to change my lifestyle for the better and because of that, I feel happy about my achievements. It took me four years to change from being skinny to becoming jacked. And I don’t want to stop improving myself. I believe that I can achieve even more.

I also wish to become a fitness model. I have dedicated a lot of time to build my body and I believe that I can succeed at modeling if I get the chance. I must admit that I have little experience in clothes and underwear modeling. The main reason for this is because in Latvia, my country, fitness modeling isn’t so popular and there aren’t a plenty of opportunities for me to participate in fitness photo shoots. I would like to take a part in fitness modeling business and I hope that this site can help me to succeed.

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